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The Power of a Regimen: Why we advocate for a skin routine...


Layering is applying the right products in the right order at the right time. Layering your anti-aging products can dramatically improve your skin’s appearance. Get a remarkable transformation with our clinically proven anti-aging regimen, enhancing your skin's radiance in no time.

1. The Right Products

With our Super Hyaluronic Acid,™ your skin gets a unique blend of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid to provide deeper, multi-layer hydration, increasing the skin’s levels of moisture dramatically. Products with one type of macro-sized Hyaluronic Acid only address the top layer of your skin, but Hada Labo Tokyo™ gives deeper skin moisturization, for longer-lasting hydration.

Read more about the science behind our products here.

2. The Right Order

Begin with products that are applied all over the face first, starting with the lightest weight product. Build upon each layer using an all-over face cream, followed by products that target smaller, specific areas of concern. Always end with applying a sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from premature aging and help prevent skin cancer.

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3. The Right Time

Morning and night, your skin care routine should be different for both. Layering in the morning can be lighter: cleanser, hydrator, and SPF, while at night a more intense skin care regimen is recommended to treat and nourish your skin while you sleep. Try a lighter routine in the morning and if you have more anti-aging concerns like face wrinkles and extreme dryness, and add a gel cream moisturizer to your daytime skin regimen. 

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